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Jake Boring

Flight Training Testimonial 

Only 17 and a Private Pilot


I have just obtained my Private Pilot Certificate and was very glad and fortunate to  have the opportunity to be instructed by Jamie. Flying with Jamie was enjoyable  and informative and I never once felt uncomfortable. She continually moves  forward with the learning and is enthusiastic about flying. Every flight we did had a  purpose in teaching me new scenarios or preparing me for the check ride. Now as a  Private Pilot, I feel well prepared to go fly!

-Jake Boring





Adin Herzog

“I began taking lessons at the age of 12 (I’m now 16). Jamie Dockin’s love of aviation was obvious from our first flight, as was her insight into the needs of the individual student. Jamie is a deeply serious instructor, but she also makes every flight fun. She knows how to slowly ease you in to more time at the controls of the aircraft, while not forcing anything on you that you’re not ready for. Jamie is very knowledgeable about the aircraft she flies and about handling them under different flying conditions. She maintains her cool under all circumstances, giving her students an important sense of safety. I strongly recommend Jamie Dockins as a flight instructor; you will be glad you chose her. ”  Adin



Joe Flodman

Flight Student

I am working on my Private Pilot Certificate and I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to Jamie. When I went to take an introductory flight around San Diego, I didn’t think I would be taking lessons as soon as I did. Once we lifted off I was hooked and started scheduling lessons with her. Jamie makes learning to fly very enjoyable. Her approach to teaching is relaxed, yet very detailed. When you are feeling overwhelmed with what she is teaching you, she is more than happy to take a step back and adjust her teachings to the level at which you receive them. She will never force anything on you, however makes sure that you are moving forward with your learning. With only a little more time to get my Private Pilot Certificate, I will be going directly into Instrument Rating training with Jamie. The opportunity to learn to fly is a honor and a privilege. And what better place to do it then in San Diego. So should you decide to start taking lessons, I would highly recommend Jamie as your first choice. -Joe


Brad Barnes

I highly recommend Jamie as a flight instructor. She got me from my private to passing my instrument written and checkride without any trouble. Many people told me that getting your instrument rating was much more difficult than getting your private pilots license. But Jamie’s instructing not only made earning my instrument rating easier than my private (and much easier than I expected!) but it was also a ton of fun. I plan on getting my commercial and CFI with her.  -Brad





Glenne Seckleman

Flight Student

I have recommended Jamie Dockins to everyone I know. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have had Jamie for my flight instructor. I started taking flying lessons about two years ago. I specifically wanted a female instructor.  Jamie and I flew everywhere for lunch….first Hemet, then Palm Springs and even Catalina Island. She made every flight fun and exciting as well as very informative. When I passed my check ride, the examiner wanted to know who my instructor was because she must have been so thorough!!!! Even though I have my pilot’s license, I still fly with Jamie to keep up my skills and learn new things.  I hope you will give her a try. – Glenne



Sugata Das

Instrument Flight Training

I consider myself fortunate to have Jamie Dockins as my flight instructor for my instrument training .  Jamie is a thorough professional and would consider her ENTHUSIASM as one of her numerous qualities that have made my flight training truly enjoyable.

Clearly, Jamie came through as my first choice amongst many top quality flight instructors and I am certain to expand her role as a mentor, as I continue my training to be an accomplished and SAFE pilot.

My personal experience with Jamie has spurred the flying bug in my teenage son, who aspires to solo at 16 and get his private license at 17.  -Sugata Das M.D.

Chad Cameron

Flight Student

One word comes to mind every time I have a flight lesson “AMAZING!”. Jamie is a wonderful instructor who knows flying through and through. This experience has been one of the most memorable experiences and Jamie is the Cherry on top of the ice cream to complete the dish. I will recommend anyone of my friends or family to her if they even have the slightest interest in becoming a pilot. Jamie is very level headed instructor that cuts straight to the point and leaves out the BS. She is great to interact with and puts your skills to the test both on the ground and in the hot seat! – Chad Cameron



Tom Doyle

Flight Training Student PilotAbout two years ago when I came to Jamie for flight training I was a very nervous flyer.  During my entire process of getting my Private pilot pilots license she provided easy to understand instruction and also gave me the confidence I needed.  In fact I was so comfortable I put my 15 year old son in the left seat with her.  The entire time my son was with her I never had a doubt he was safe and receiving great instruction.  I am now currently training with JD to get my IFR rating.  She’s a great instructor that when you want to try an RG or a 230Hp 182….she’s ready to go.  I think she like’s trying the new stuff as much as her students.

So if you interested in flying, give Jamie a call.  I recommend her and I know you’ll enjoy the flight! – Tom


Flying Is Fun

Arriving at the airport on a beautiful sunny day, preflighting the plane and going out for a flight is a thrill! Once in the air all your worries and cares fly away and you are above it all. The views are breathtaking and each flight offers new challenges and excitement.



Flying makes the trip as fun as the destination! There are so many fun destinations and so much to see along the way! Take a weekend ski trip to Big Bear and fly into the snow covered mountains, or fly to Catalina for a weekend camping trip. Many people find that flying can also be very convenient for business trips as well.



Flying is an exciting career with many opportunities. Air travel is constantly growing and so is private air travel. In the coming years there will be a huge demand for pilots as the pilots now begin to retire. From flying small commuter planes, charter services to flying the big commercial jets, there are many different types of flying opportunities depending on what fits you best. Instructing can also be a very rewarding job and a lot of fun!



The aviation community is a small group of tight knit people. The airport is a great place to meet new people that also have a passion for flying. There are also many fun flying events and all kinds of meetings for pilots that want to continue their education. "Hangar talk" at the airport is always fun where pilots of all backgrounds share their fun or exciting flying stories.