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San Diego Flight TrainingLocated at Montgomery Field in beautiful San Diego, Fly San Diego will provide you with the best flight training experience possible.
Not only will you receive the highest quality flight instruction, you will be flying in San Diego, one of the best places in the world to learn to fly. With our busy airspace, beautiful coastline and mountains, and our year-round sunny skies, San Diego provides the perfect environment to learn to fly.

Flight Instruction should be positive, encouraging and should be fun, while also maintaining a balance of discipline, responsibility and safety. This positive and fun approach to flight training, along with experience, is what sets Fly San Diego apart from the rest.

reasons why you should choose Fly San Diego for your flight training:

#1. Our training methods:

Flight Students with Fly San Diego Providing a fun and relaxed learning environment, while focusing on scenario based training, will help you  maximize your learning potential. Our training methods give each student all of the necessary tools and knowledge to be a good student and learn efficiently, which saves you money.

#2. Attention to each student’s learning style:  By understanding the individual needs and learning style of each student, you will feel confident in learning at your own pace and get the most out of every flight.

#3.Your success and student camaraderie:  Your success is important to us, and there is nothing better than seeing a new pilot earn his/her wings!  Also, students of Fly San Diego get to know each other and share flight time, become mentors and study together, making the learning experience even more fun.

#4. You will learn from an experienced Flight Instructor:  

Many flights schools have flight instructors who are barely finished with their own training with little or no experience, while only flight instructing to build hours and move on. With Fly San Diego, you will fly with an experienced flight instructor who knows the best techniques and strategies to keep your flight training moving and help you learn most efficiently.

#5We provide you with the tools to be the best student pilot possible:  To be an excellent student pilot, there are things that you can do that will help you maximize learning, be more efficient and succeed. Safety is always our number one priority, and with these skills, you will become a safe and confident pilot.


Flying Is Fun

Arriving at the airport on a beautiful sunny day, preflighting the plane and going out for a flight is a thrill! Once in the air all your worries and cares fly away and you are above it all. The views are breathtaking and each flight offers new challenges and excitement.



Flying makes the trip as fun as the destination! There are so many fun destinations and so much to see along the way! Take a weekend ski trip to Big Bear and fly into the snow covered mountains, or fly to Catalina for a weekend camping trip. Many people find that flying can also be very convenient for business trips as well.



Flying is an exciting career with many opportunities. Air travel is constantly growing and so is private air travel. In the coming years there will be a huge demand for pilots as the pilots now begin to retire. From flying small commuter planes, charter services to flying the big commercial jets, there are many different types of flying opportunities depending on what fits you best. Instructing can also be a very rewarding job and a lot of fun!



The aviation community is a small group of tight knit people. The airport is a great place to meet new people that also have a passion for flying. There are also many fun flying events and all kinds of meetings for pilots that want to continue their education. "Hangar talk" at the airport is always fun where pilots of all backgrounds share their fun or exciting flying stories.